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Blingy Future Leaders
Internship Program

At Blingy, we appreciate disruption and give opportunities to innovators.


Our interns enjoy a learning experience that brings out their innovative mindset, through collaboration and mentoring from our diverse talents. Our internship program allows you to grow your skills, develop a network of useful contacts, apply your strengths, and implement classroom concepts in real-world situations.


The Blingy Future Leaders Internship Program is a 4–6-month experience for undergraduate students and graduate students to gain learning experience and be part of a positive change.


From spring term, summer term to fall term, we welcome talents from all educational settings, from technology-based backgrounds, to creative, marketing, HR, finance to join our internship program!

Giving opportunity to innovators and disruptors

Our Unique and Competitive Advantage

Our interns are given the chance to:

  • Creatively express themselves in diverse projects.

  • Develop their own ideas and see it implemented.

  • Work on some of the latest technologies and products

  • Learn from business executives

  • Collaborate with top talent in the tech industry

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The Perks

  • Monthly One day Leave and Vacation days

  • Mentorship opportunities with our Business executives and Alumni Interns.

  • Online Intern Community

  • Fun virtual social events

  • Access to Learning and Development courses.

  • Workshops/Seminars to understand the trends of the industry

  • Blingy Internship Award program certificate

  • Best performing Intern receives an extra award including a recommendation letter and honors certificate


  • 18+ years

  • Currently enrolled in a 2–4-year academic course or recent graduate.

  • Available for full time role following your next and final year of school.

  • Completion of a full remote internship duration.

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Care to know more about our remote intern work opportunities?


Richard Gonzalez  |  Web Developer

Fall 2021 Intern

​One of my favorite things about working with Blingy is the level of communication that must be had in order to manage all of the moving parts. Although it can sound daunting, working at a startup brings with it spontaneity and dynamism in various degrees, and seeing all of my coworkers doing their part day in and day out to make sure everything is properly accounted for is really motivating and helps to keep spirits high. It helps paint the picture that when the dust settles, things will only be better. 

Intrigued by our Future Leaders Internship Program?

Send your Resume/CV and cover letter to to apply today!

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