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A Peep Into the Technological Trends of 2022- Data, A Big Deal!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Businesses are seeking innovative ways to adapt to the fast-changing world of technology. New trends erupt quicker than one can keep up. The post-pandemic era has left businesses with no choice but to "evolve or fade out." Businesses need to speed up their adoption rate of new trends and discover more technological routes to connect with their customers and attain sustainable profits and growth. Therefore, CEOs and CTOs must adapt quickly to support their businesses as it faces emergent changes in 2022.

As the founder of a tech startup and an innovation explorer, I foresee 2022 as a year where changing digital landscapes will keep businesses on their toes as they keep track of trends in the market. The next promising year of tech trends is yet to launch officially, but I can already say that there is a strong showing of new advancements contending for a coveted spot on my list.

Gartner Group, research, and advisory experts gave a 2022 list of the top 12 strategic technological trends. Reflecting on this list, I realized that DATA will be a big factor and shape the tech world in 2022. Businesses use data to improve customer experience, manage consumer preferences, improve marketing strategies, and garner insights on business trends. The increasing need for data will cause a rapid expansion of the technological space, which will be an exciting trend in 2022.

Here are my top 3 picks for tech trends that I believe will support data explosion and be a determinant factor in the technological trends of 2022:

1. Data Fabric: This relatively new and emerging data solution aims to accelerate business insights; it permits the coordination of data flow and curation across big data platforms. Successful implementation of this technology provides real-time access to curated data from different data sources to enhance customer personalization and support advanced data analytics. Businesses rely a lot on data, and the ability to access, extract and process it will require more innovative and comprehensive entry services.

2. AI Engineering: Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been one of the biggest tech trends for the past decade and has progressively become more sophisticated. AI engineering technology provides automatic modifications to data, models, and applications to improve the data results. The striking effects of AI on everyday life are still in the early stages. However, they have gained huge demand and rapid growth through image and speech recognition, navigation, virtual assistants, and e-commerce, data being its backbone. The AI market is expected to be a $190 billion industry by 2025, making it the top new technology trend to watch out for!

3. Generative AI: Artificial Intelligence has seen more advances in the last few years. Companies have continued to innovatively use AI to create models, applications and generally optimize data for business decision-making. Generative AI helps you create new plausible images, videos, music, and scenes or models of physical objects using existing content. Simply put, this is a machine learning program that learns about the content from data and uses it to create a new and realistic piece.

Businesses can use this AI technique for product creation; the creative space can use it for image-to-image and photo-to-emoji conversions and face aging, while medical and pharmaceutical companies will benefit significantly from it as well. Gartner "estimates that by 2025, more than 30% of new drugs and materials will be systematically discovered using generative AI techniques."

Next Steps for Businesses

The increasing requirement for data in this rapidly changing technological space makes adopting technological trends a fundamental game-changer. However, the tech leaders should review the impact of these emerging technologies on their businesses. The startup founders especially those with data-reliant businesses, should analyze their short-term business strategies to ascertain which technological trends they can benefit from while creating a roadmap for their long-term goals. Leveraging these emerging innovations can make the difference for sustainable business growth and gaining a competitive advantage.

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