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Apps to Download for 2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

By now, we’ve mastered the world of utilizing social media. So it’s no question that most of us have probably watched every show on Netflix and attended different zoom parities, because I know I have. Since surviving a pandemic world, we’ve become more assertive and more intelligent as a community. Not only do we know how to rock the hybrid and remote workspace, but 2021 was the year of growth. So as we begin to reflect on our past year, the most common questions revolve around these main points:

-How do I want to be better?

-What can I do to achieve my goals?

-How do I shift my mindset to match my intentions?

As we look forward, 2022 will be the year that those goals we want to achieve will come to fruition. Manifestation works, and you just spoke your goals into existence just by reading that sentence. Within numerology, angel numbers are number sequences that contain repetition and/or patterns, and are received as good omens that inspire insight, wisdom, and directionality. The popular topic revolving around angel numbers and goal-oriented content have been all the rage on Instagram and TikTok trends among Gen Z. Not only is it uplifting, but it helps others make sense of the world. There are some excellent resources to continue that progress of declaration further. However, I promise that the apps aren’t super corny or tedious. These recommendations are some of the favorites that I’ve tested out personally and will help guide you to the next chapter into the new year.

For the people that want to uplift their spirits:

For the people that want advice moving forward:

For people who want to be more organized:

The list goes on for the different app recommendations and interests, but it’s up to you to make those decisions and hold yourself accountable. Know that the good things you want require hard work, time, and patience. Comment below your app recommendations for the new year!

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