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Black-owned Skincare Brands

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Did you realized that having 20 shades foundation and 5 different colors of setting powder are more common in the beauty industry now? Not only cosmetics, as building a supportive, inclusive beauty community has become a major topic, more skincare brands are also expanding their product lines and formulas to include all skin colors.

So today, we want to shout out to some of our favorite black-owned skincare brands that hope to make women of color feel empowered to celebrate their natural skin tone and amplify their voice in the beauty industry.

In 2015, Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie founded Bolden, a skincare brand created for Black women, by Black women. Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie understands major skin problems faced by people of color and look to design products that catered to those skincare issues. They designed several skincare products that look to treat hyperpigmentation and give the skin a natural glow. One popular product is their Brightening Moisturizer, a combination moisturizer and sunscreen. Specially formulated for darker skin tones, Bolden’s Brightening Moisturizer is formulated without the ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that leaves white residue on the skin. Under the name Bolden, Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie aim to embolden women and inspire women to love their natural beauty.

“The name 54 Thrones distinctively represents Africa's 54 countries,” Christina Funke Tegbe experienced a southern-American childhood rooted with the cultural essence of Nigeria, which inspires her to bring the authenticity of Africa culture to the public eye. She looks to showcase African clean beauty rituals with product formulas that include African-grown ingredients and plant botanicals. One of the best sellers of 54 Thrones is their Beauty Butter. It is a series of creams that are formulated with different African Shea Butter, including Ugandan Vanilla, Ethiopian Honey, Egyptian Lavender, Moroccan Mint, Kenyan Hibiscus, etc. Check out some more African beauty with the link below!

Founded by Desiree Verdejo, Hyper Skin is a skincare brand rooted in multiculturalism. Being a Black woman herself, Desiree Verdejo understands the common problem of women of color. Hence Hyper Skin is hyper-targeted on treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation on all skin tones. Their best product Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum is known for its effects on treating discoloration to create hyper clear skin. The serum is packed with 15 percent vitamin c and vitamin e, coupled with other ingredients like fruit enzymes, bearberry, turmeric, and kojic acid, to help smooth textures and clear dark spots on the skin.

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