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Face Powder for Oily Skin

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Have a hard time getting makeup to stay on oily skin? It probably feels like your makeup is melting off your face instead of sticking to it. Finding the right face powders should do the trick for getting makeup to stay. There are many different types of face powders that will help set your makeup. Surprisingly there is a major difference between finishing powder and translucent powder. Still confused on what the difference is between the products? Once you figure out which powder is ideal for you, oily skin can be combated for a perfect matte look!

Finishing Powder vs. Translucent Powder

Finishing Powder

As you know, foundation is used to even out skin, working with concealer to hide blemishes and dark spots. Finishing powder is often applied after foundation to get rid of the dewy, liquid-like consistency on your face. This product is meant to match the color of your foundation, smoothing out skin tones.

Here are a few finishing powders we recommend:

Translucent Powder

It’s pretty much in the name! Translucent powder serves as a clear powder, used to set makeup in its place. Translucent powder, also called setting powder, softens skin and reduces the appearance of large pores. Translucent powder is applied around your t-zone, the oiliest parts of your face (forehead, nose, and chin). This powder sets your overall makeup look, acting as a filter that keeps makeup in place while absorbing natural oil.

Here are some translucent powders we recommend:

Wrong Ways to Applying Face Powder to Oily Skin

You leave the house with your makeup all set and neatly in place. When you finally have a chance to go to the restroom, you catch yourself in the mirror and your makeup is practically slipping off your face. Oily skin could cause makeup to come off even minutes after a fresh application. Sometimes it is not the product itself but the way you apply it.

Here are the wrong ways to apply face powder:

  • Powder doesn’t match your skin tone

Wearing the right powder includes finding one that matches your skin tone. If the face powder is too dark then it will easily show and may even make your face appear more oily. For oily skin, it is best to pick a shade a little lighter than your skin tone. The oils in your face are oxidized by the powder, giving your foundation a matte appearance.

  • Overusing face powder

At first glance, your makeup might look flawless. Yet, when a bright light is flashed on it excessive powder can be seen. It is important to lightly dust off excess powder for a smooth, finished face. Use a brush to gently apply face powder to keep the foundation from coming off.

  • Not applying powder in the right spots

The sides of your face are not the best places to apply face powder, especially if you have oily prone skin. The T-Zone is the spot where the most oil build-up on your face occurs. This includes the forehead, nose, and chin. A reliable translucent powder should cover these areas, keeping oil from building up.

With a reliable face powder, your oily skin can be controlled. Whether it’s a finishing powder that keeps your foundation in place or translucent powder that gets rid of the oily glean, the right powder will give you the best natural glow!

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