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Gen Z and Millennials Social Media Usage

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Last week’s #userwednesday we learn about Millennials and Gen Z e-commerce users. This week we fill look further into these two groups of users and discuss about their social media usage.

We know that Millennials and Gen Z use social media differently. Data research shows that while Gen Z enjoy video-focused applications like Snapchat and Tiktok far more than the older generation, Millennials have a strong preference on Facebook. The different preference on social media is due to their social media behaviors, why they want to visit social media and what content they like to follow on the platforms.

According to YPulse survey data, the main reason Gen Z say they visit social media is for entertaining content, with the percentage far higher than the second and third main reasons, which are keeping up with family/friend’s lives and getting inspiration for their hobbies. In addition, younger generation responded that the contents they like to follow the most are content creators and online celebrities or influencers, including vloggers, YouTubers, social media stars, and meme accounts. Thus, it makes sense that YouTube is the go-to platform for Gen Z to find original and entertaining contents, with Snapchat and Instagram being next.

On the other hand, the purpose for Millennials to surf on social media split between entertaining content (51%) and keeping up with families and friends (50%). Older generation users also put more attention on accounts who share similar hobbies with them. These factors help explain why Facebook remains to be Millennials’ favorite social media platform, in which they could connect with people with similar interests and message or follow their family and friends.

Combining the analysis from YPulse and Ignitesocialmedia, we could see that the top five social media platforms for Gen Z and Millennials are as follow:

Gen Z:

1. YouTube 2. Instagram 3. Snapchat 4. Facebook 5. Tiktok


1. Facebook 2. YouTube 3. Instagram 4. Snapchat 5. Twitter

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