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Gen Z are Eco-conscious Consumers

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Growing up in a period where environmental and animal protection is a dominated topic around the world, Gen Z are the best examples of eco-conscious consumers. They have a preference over buying ethical, natural, and sustainable products as well as stronger loyalty towards brands whose values consist of environmental and ethical responsibility.

Gen Z show an eco-friendly emphasis on ingredients. According to the study conducted by Compose[d], 65% of Gen Z and Millennials say their top motivator when purchasing sustainable products is making a choice that’s better for the environment. 78% of Gen Z consumers find using natural products to be important and are 20% more likely than Millennials to exclusively use natural skincare product. Not only ingredients, Gen Z’s eco-conscious approach also applies to product packaging. The study results showed that 85% of them want to see more use of recycled and natural packaging. 83% of both Gen Z and Millennials think more products should come in refillable containers, with Gen Z being 10% more likely to agree.

Before making their purchasing decision, the labels that Gen Z are looking for the most are “not tested on animals,” “cruelty-free,” and “all-natural.” However, as many cosmetics and skincare brands are just starting to take eco-friendly initiatives and focus on ingredient-ethos tags these days, eco-conscious consumers can still find it hard to discover specific products with their preferred labels.

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