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Gen Z is the "Skintellectual" Generation

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

What does “Skintellectual” mean?

The Skintellectual generation is a generation of self-educated and knowledge-hungry consumers who are interested in not only the ingredients and science behind their skincare products, but also the brand culture and values.

Gen Zers are the defining example of the skintellectual generation. Multiple research results have shown that Gen Z started using skincare products earlier than other generations. A survey by The Pull Agency found that 60% of Gen Z purchase beauty products before they are 14 years old, compared to 39% of millennials. The report from Composedcreative also showed that Gen Z started a facial care routine at an earlier age than millennials, with 3 in 4 stating they began using a facial moisturizer and cleanser before the age of 18.

In addition, Gen Zers are self-educated beauty geeks. Borned in the era of fast social media growth, Gen Zers are constantly seeking tutorials and product information online. Being the informed skintellectual group means Gen Zers are all about transparency. They prefer brands that offer transparency in their product labels and look for authentic reviews, which plays as an important factor that influence their purchasing decision.

Not only researching for ingredients, Gen Zers are also more concerned with environmental, political, and social values in different brands’ culture. They pay more attention to specific tags on product packaging, including vegan beauty, not tested on animals, cruelty-free, inclusive beauty, sustainable packaging, and free from negatively perceived beauty-buzzwords such as parabens. They show a strong preference on brands whose values align with their own.

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