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Gen Z: The Trendsetting Generation

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

With younger generations, they’re wired to be up to speed on every detail, including how they look. The apps we have today, such as the infamous TikTok, were nonexistent way back when. Gen Z’s have all the resources at the tips of their fingers and leverage them constantly, making them the target audience for many marketers. Understanding what makes this younger generation tick is a must if marketers want to take advantage of Gen Z's massive spending power. And having a pulse on what young consumers want opens brands up to new business and ensures they aren't missing out on critical social media trends. However, there are always aspects to consider in both positive and negative outcomes, with 24 hr access to social media.

Some pros of Gen Z trends include:

  • Providing new perspectives

  • Creating opportunities for new concepts and ideas

  • Banding together communities based on the niche

Some Cons of Gen Z trends are:

  • 48% of Gen Z say social media makes them feel anxious, sad, or depressed

  • 27% report experiencing a negative impact on body image from social media consumption (up from 18% in 2017)

  • Comparison to other user

While keeping those aspects in mind, everything is best within moderation, by implementing a balance of:

  1. Playtime, such as creative play (arts, crafts, imagination) or socializing outdoors

  2. Alone time (reading, drawing, coding)

  3. Family time (cooking, tv programs, board games)

  4. Electronic time (gaming and social media).

When it comes to trends, none stay on top of it like Gen Z. Marketers tend to lean towards the Gen Z population to further their marketing tactics and infiltrate the cycle of their consumer funnel. This element especially comes into play with the flexibility of their spending habits. But the main question is: What are the latest trends Gen Z’s have been raving about? When considering each Gen Z customer, primarily their personalization and budget, marketers should also ask themselves, “Why?” So what is the new trend that’s life-changing, if you will? Usually, Gen Z thinks of hacks to better themselves or products they want to buy to make their lives easier. For example, a recent surprise trend the Gen Z era has brought forth is the normalization of cosmetic procedures.

Preventive Botox, also known as ‘Baby Botox,’ along with lip fillers, have been the trends that have skyrocketed the most for active Gen Z’ers. A rising number of young women from ages 18 and over have these procedures done. Usually, older generations think of botox or fillers as something you get done later in life. Now, social media has altered that mindset to preserve youth while you’re still young. For Gen Z, Botox and fillers have become another way to personalize and accessorize your look, like a haircut or hair color. Injections can quickly and easily change your look without a permanent commitment.

As trends evolve, younger generations tend to lead those trends via social media and heavily influence modern standards. Trends can either last a long time or change like the seasons. Taking the time to decide which to follow and do what’s right for you is a form of self-care. Being out of trend sure might not be ideal, but it’s not the end of the world.

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