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Generation Z- More Holistic Approach Towards Health?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Health and wellness companies have found that one generation leaned away from intense workouts and fad diet trends. Generation Z is starting to take a holistic approach towards health, emphasizing stress and anxiety management. Gen-Z users have grown up being highly aware of the effects that internet usage has placed on companies that use problematic marketing strategies such as “low calorie” diets and heavily photoshopped images of models in workout clothes. Companies are now shying away from these past approaches, looking into diversifying their marketing strategies.

Four key themes surrounding wellness have been identified: Health, Love, Aesthetics, and Mental Health.

  • Health: Gen-Z is eating healthier balanced diets and including the proper nutrients and vitamins. Pictures of colorful fruits and vegetables are attracting users to more content made by brands.

  • Love: Self-love has become the most universal expression among Gen-Z. Now consumer look further into the message that brands promote regarding positivity and self-care.

  • Aesthetics: Living in a social media age, aesthetics are especially important when targeting Gen-Z audiences. Inclusivity and diversity tie into aesthetics with Gen-Z being attracted to a more progressive perspective on health and wellness.

  • Mental Health: Mental health concerns are one of the biggest values of Gen-Z. The ability to openly discuss stress and anxiety has allowed for brands and companies to provide support for their consumers.

Gen-Z’s incorporation of spiritual practices such as mindfulness and participating in western medicine like yoga has created a positive influence on the health and wellness of users. As holistic health becomes an essential part of the lifestyles of Gen-Z, more brands and companies are further analyzing the great significance this approach has on this growing audience.

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