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Getting To Know Micro-Influencers

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

TikTok has spread the word on the latest and popular trends; its ‘for you’ page is the holy grail of content, no matter the niche. It’s all about standing out among millions of users and it takes work to become well-known, but it’s not impossible. 2022 is sure to be full of changes, including new types of content and side hustles with new possibilities currently in the works as we speak.

Within the realm of content creators, a new group is in town. Micro-influencers, who accumulate a following below 100,000, impact trends without the need for a large following like those of “A-list” celebrities. Instead, they grow by engaging with their followers on a more personal level; these influencers have also leveraged advertising tactics like “Zen marketing,” which relies on the soft-sell and the “pull” approach, as opposed to high-pressure marketing.

Being a TikTok content creator is an opportunity we each have at our fingertips, and no matter what expertise you have, it’s worth a shot, just exude confidence! Armed with tips and tricks to create not only content but also revenue, the popularity of micro-influencers has inspired many Gen Z’ers to consider taking on the creative outlet.

Creatives and activists have inspired a brand new aesthetic throughout the platform, especially concerning Women’s Empowerment. Influencers have found their voice and are using their platform to invoke positive change by breaking stereotypes and gender norms. For example, a popular trend called ‘that girl’ is centered on a woman becoming her best self. The thing no one tells you about the "that girl" challenge is that it genuinely manifests in the moments you don’t remember to document, like cleaning a coffee stain off your table or crashing mid-conversation during dinner because you woke up way earlier than you’re used to. The premise of the trend is about self-fulfillment and achieving your goals.

“That girl” gets up early, makes her bed, works out, eats a bowl full of fruit, all before you’ve even woken up. She fills out gratitude journals, reads every day, and studies hard. She’s essentially a walking Pinterest board.

Micro-influencing is becoming one of the marketing forces of the times; therefore, it’s more and more crucial to include micro-influencing in business campaigns. Hiring a combination of micro-influencers and celebrity influencers may raise the ROI of a campaign and lower the overall marketing spend. But, of course, a user doesn’t have to be uber-famous anymore to impact or gain an audience’s attention. Instead, it’s been more encouraging for users to participate in the social media world, and find more relatable micro-influencers endorsing a brand.

The pandemic still being actively part of our lives brings up an important series of questions. For example, how will micro-influencers evolve, and what does this mean for the future of technology? Comment your predictions down below!

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