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M is for Moisturize

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Prepping your skin before applying makeup is a very important step in any beauty routine. However, it seems that no matter how many moisturizers and serums you use, your skin still feels dry, dull, and flat. Applying foundation on dry skin causes it to not sit well, showing cracks and creases in the skin. It is just as difficult to find foundations that not only even out skin tones but moisturize your skin as well. Foundations that double as a moisturizer and cover-up may seem hard to find. Yet, once the right products are recommended, your skin will feel refreshed and look radiant!

What Causes Dry Skin?

  • Harsh Ingredients

Some face washes and cleansers may contain harmful ingredients that dry and damaged skin. These ingredients include but are not limited to alcohol, triethanolamine, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Toxic ingredients will cause skin irritation such as peeling and face dryness. Make sure to check your face washes for these drying chemicals.

  • Using Expired Moisturizers

It’s common for people to buy products and let them sit on your shelf for long periods of time. Updating and rotating products is especially important. Moisturizers typically last only four months. Always make sure to check the expiration date of products before continuing to use them. If you have been using the same moisturizer for months on end with no effects on your skin, then it’s time to get rid of that product.

  • Not Exfoliating

If your skincare routine does not include exfoliating then you better incorporate it. Dead skin can build up over time, allowing for moisturizers to not soak into the skin. Investing in an effective exfoliator is important before applying moisturizers and makeup following that.

Is Your Skin Still Dry?

Does it seem that no matter what you do your skin still feels dry? If you are having problems with your epidermis and must wear makeup, the ideal place to start is with foundation. Foundation is part of the base of any makeup routine, thus it is essential to find the right ones that are fit for your skin.

Foundations for Dry Skin

Luckily there are plenty of foundations that moisturize and help smooth out uneven, dry skin. While it is tough to still have to apply makeup to parched skin, if there is no other option then starting off with a moisturizing foundation is the best place to begin.

Here are a few foundations that are ideal for dry skin:

Known for its flawless application, L’Oreal True Match Foundation contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin that moisturizes dry skin and provides lasting coverage.

This lightweight foundation has hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate. In addition to holding hydrating properties, this beauty super serum contains SPF 40 protection.

Founded by the iconic Rihanna, Fenty Beauty released a hydrating foundation after their Matte Longwear Foundation launched. Following the success of their first foundation, Fenty guarantees an easy blend, with a hydrating-locking formula that works with all dry skin types and skin tones.

This foundation can only be found in Sephora stores and online. Sephora’s foundation guarantees coverage with a natural-finish, hydrating skin for twelve hours with hydrating ingredients such as red algae extract, hyaluronic acid, and brown algae extract.

The search for the best foundation for your skin is tough. Whether it’s finding one that is applicable to dry skin or best matches your skin tone, it is important to consider product ingredients and formulas that provide coverage and make your skin happy and healthy!

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