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Squid Game: Why Does it Stand Out?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

If you are frequently on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok you’ve probably seen Squid Game-related posts plastered all over your social media feed. The popular Korean Netflix show is now an international hit being the #1 show in 94 countries worldwide. Squid Game has become a household name with the actors being recognized as stars outside of Asia. The show has inspired multiple trends and memes along with a second season that will have audiences on the edge of their seats as they wait for the premiere. So what makes this hit show so different from the other Netflix contenders?

Kids Games

The show follows a group of unfortunate adults who have become desperate for wealth, participating in a deadly series of challenges. The challenges in the show are based on games played by children in Korea. These traditional games have been introduced to viewers around the globe, and are recognizable in some countries just having a different name. Here are the games played in the show:

Jumpsuits and Masks

In addition to incorporating traditional childhood Korean games into the show, Squid Game’s director, Hwang Hong-Hyuk, made sure the costume design of the characters would be just as memorable as the show. The players are forced to wear green tracksuits with numbers on their chests. These numbers are provided to the player becoming their only sole identity in the game. Supervising the players and keeping them in line are guards wearing neon pink jumpsuits and a black mesh mask with simple geometric shapes on the face. These distinct costumes have become iconic, making the show even more intense as the bright colors of the costumes contradict the dark and grim premise.

Squid Game Parties and Memes?

Despite Squid Game’s morbid theme, many have found humor from this show, throwing Squid Game-themed parties and a community of memes going around social media. The green tracksuits and pink jumpsuits from the show are predicted to be sold out in costume stores and online as millions hope to wear them at costume parties. While some have even bought costumes to recreate scenes from the show on Tik Tok as a comedy skit. The popular sound of the young girl statue during the infamous Mugunghwa Flower (Red Light, Green Light) game is one of the app’s most used sounds, as influencers and comedians create funny skits. Another way the show has been incorporated into pop culture is the use of stills from the show being turned into relatable memes with hilarious captions. Squid Game has built a community of fans who are able to find comedy and laughter despite the show’s dark background.

As the show prepares for their second season, it is no doubt that Squid Game has become more than just a “cult classic”. The show has broken cultural barriers along with setting new records that have proven that Squid Game is well-deserving of their success.

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