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Tech is Going Green! Sustainability in Technology

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

As technology continues to evolve, the way we view and treat the environment changes as well. With Gen-Z known as the "environmentally-conscious" generation, big companies and brands have been looking further into catering to this target audience through their marketing techniques. Sustainability and environmentalism are not only a trend but are highly essential to all aspects of life. High tech companies are now incorporating eco-friendly methods into their work to create long-term benefits for their workers and the overall environment. As Gen-Z continues to inspire significant corporations and brands, it is essential to understand the impact of technology on sustainability.

What is Sustainability?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, sustainability is premised on the principle that "everything we need for our survival and wellbeing depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment." This principle means that by committing to sustainability, we are working towards maintaining nature and building for future generations to come. Sustainability is everywhere! Everything we do is impacted by sustainability; from the clothes you wear to the amount of time you spend on the internet.

The Need for Sustainability

Researchers are currently exploring sustainability in the tech field. One surprising fact about sustainability is that it is in our devices. Our electronic devices such as computers, phones, remotes, air pods, and tablets come from Earth minerals. Since all these devices are made with materials from the Earth, mining must gather those minerals to produce more products. While tech companies are finding ways to make more devices and adapt to the technological changes, more land is being cleared to collect minerals for production, increasing pollution and deforestation.

Big Tech and Big Eco-Friendly Changes

While new phones and devices are springing up in the market, you probably wonder what to do with your old phone or broken laptop. Many big tech companies are now looking into ways to solve the growing problem. Here are a few familiar companies that have found ways to combat this environmental issue:


Microsoft is combatting electronic waste by reusing and repurposing servers and hardware in their Microsoft Circular Centers. The company plans to change its packaging to be more sustainable by getting rid of single-use plastics and plastic film on their products by adjusting their packaging.


Known for building appliances and electronic devices, Samsung is working towards building more energy-efficient products. Samsung has made recycling a priority, collecting, and recycling 6.2 billion pounds of electronic waste.


One of the biggest tech companies in the world is Apple. Recently the company has unveiled plans to emphasize electronic recycling materials in their products. Apple is the first tech industry to use 100% of recycled rare Earth elements in their Taptic engine. The company has also implemented recycled aluminum in their latest products committing to recycling materials by 100%.

Inspiring the Next Gen for a Sustainable Future

As more primary tech companies incorporated sustainability into their products and branding, more apps to support environmentalism have emerged. With hopes of inspiring others to work towards sustainability, multiple startup apps include new strategies for teaching the next generation about caring for the environment. In addition to tackling electronic waste, companies are discovering ways to fight climate change and air pollution. Here are some startup apps that are coming up with significant innovations in sustainability:


We need to take care of not only ourselves but also the environment. Everything we do has an impact on the future. Building technology that supports sustainability is a huge step towards shaping an eco-friendly and greener environment for future generations to come.

“Green Tech is here”!

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