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Three Leading Women in Tech - Breaking the Glass Ceiling!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When you think of the technology industry, do you often picture a man in charge?

For decades, the male gender has led the technology industry, especially tech companies; however, more women are starting to pursue careers in the tech field. As the technology industry grows, new developments emerge, with women at the forefront of these discoveries. While the tech industry continues to change, an increasing number of women are joining the field, proving that they are just as strong-willed as their male counterparts.

Some Statistics:

Three Women Leaders in Tech

Over the past few years, and with multiple innovations in the tech industry, one significant revolution in the tech field is the increase of female leadership in the leading tech companies. These women have taken on roles traditionally led by men, breaking barriers, and becoming an influence for young women around the world.

Let's examine some influential women leaders in Tech, their achievements, and their growth.

Clara Vu, Founder/ Chief Technology Officer VEO Robotics

VEO Robotics is an industrial automation company that uses 3D sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work with factory workers in manufacturing. Along with the Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Sobalvarro, Clara Vu is the company's co-founder while serving as the Chief Technology Officer. Vu oversees the engineering teams at VEO Robotics. Since its launch, Vu has helped raise $28 million in funding, a massive breakthrough for them.

Melanie Perkins, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer Canva Design

One of the most significant design programs is Canva Design. The founder and chief executive officer, Melanie Perkins, is behind this tech titan. Perkins intended to create an online design company that would be easy to use and access for everyone. Now, as one of the youngest female tech CEOs, Perkins' company is worth $3.2 billion, with millions of people relying on Canva for their businesses and projects.

Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is a not-for-profit organization that encourages young African American women to gain interest in technology through computer coding camps. A former engineer herself, Kimberly Bryant was frustrated at the lack of computer programming courses for young women of color. After founding Black Girls Code, multiple Fortune 500 companies have offered to partner with Kimberly Bryant and the organization providing millions in funding. In 2019, Google donated $2.8 million in financing to Black Girls Code.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

These influential women in technology continue to encourage more young women to pursue careers in the tech field. Seeing more women in technology inspires young girls who may feel discouraged due to the underrepresentation of women in technology, which is especially difficult for young women of color. Fortunately, as the tech industry expands, so has the number of women in the field.

Many women are now stepping forward and becoming technology leaders. While innovations continue in technology, more women are acknowledged, breaking the glass ceiling that divides them from gender equality in the tech industry.

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