Types of Influencer Marketing in the Beauty Industry

Updated: Jan 7

For today's Influencer Insights Column, we are going to talk about different types of in the beauty industry. Below are six common ways brands use to collaborate with influencers:

1) Shoutouts: influencer mentions the brand or product on social media by posting a relevant photo or tagging the brand

2) Giveaways: a brand provides the influencer something of value that the influencer can then offer to their followers through a giveaway

3)Takeovers : Brands give an influencer access to their social media channel of choice and the influencer curates content for the brand, sending their own followers to the brand’s account

4) Sponsored Content : Influencers share content that the brand provides or create their own content that promotes specific products or the brand as a whole

5) Product Sending: brands send influencers their products for free and hope that they will share something positive about it

6) Brand Ambassadors: long-term partnership in which influencers consistently share videos, posts, images, and more about your brand and products

Have you try any of these strategies? Share with us some of your success stories!!

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