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Why Facebook Fails to Lure the Internet Generation: Gen Z

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The newest generation of trendsetters, Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012), declared skinny jeans outdated and side parts unflattering. Fashion adored by other generations is not the only thing the 'Zoomers' canceled; apparently, Facebook is also on its way out!

Why doesn't Facebook attract Gen Z as it did with all the other generations? The reason is centered around why the age group explores social media. Unlike Millennials and Baby Boomers, who use social networks to communicate with friends and family, Gen Z is different. A survey of 1,000 participants by Social Sprout states that 78% of the younger generation say that social media enables them to interact with companies, and 78% report using it to learn about new brands.

Yes, you read that correctly! Social media to Gen Z is all about social commerce. They buy from brands that sell online.

What does that have to do with Facebook? Unlike other Gen Z-beloved apps, Facebook lacks a built-in feature to shop from specific brands. Instagram, for example, has a dedicated shopping component that consumers can use to shop right then and there. Instead, Zuckerberg's company has Facebook Marketplace, which is primarily for buying and selling used items.

Another reason Facebook fails to hit the mark for Gen Z lies in its algorithm. The survey also revealed that 64% of Zoomers expect a more personalized approach to social media. While Instagram and TikTok algorithms utilize hashtags with customized "For You” and “Explore" pages, Facebook showcases accounts and groups the user chooses to follow on its Home Page.

While this was initially great to pursue and keep up with interests, companies and individuals changed throughout the years. This has led to followers realizing that some brands do not align with their values anymore. Unlike its competitors, Facebook lacks a feature for users to explore recommended content and thus grow with their passions.

Despite all of this, most Gen Zs still have Facebook accounts for different reasons. Although a survey conducted by Medium reported that only 3.5% of Gen Z post content onto their newsfeed, 67% of them use it to organize and attend events, while 55% use it to send private messages to friends. However, the statistics of Gen Z Facebook users gets lower and lower with each passing year, as other platforms add more advanced messaging to their arsenal (i.e., Instagram and Snapchat).

Now, the big question: Will Facebook completely sizzle out for the younger generation? We won't know for sure unless the formerly beloved social platform finds a way to combat Gen Z user churn; however, it's looking like it!

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