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Your Guide to Euphoria Glam

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Sparkly, shiny, and glossy. Those words describe current makeup trends that are taking the beauty industry by storm. The past trends of matte, smokey eyeshadow are long gone with makeup looks inspired by a combination of the 2000s and late 1960s to 70s trends. Glittery eyeshadow is all the rage and it’s a look that many are starting to explore. From popular tv shows such as Euphoria to the Met Gala, glittery eye makeup is a look that is dominating the media. Want to recreate this look? Here are some tips that will have your eyes looking colorful and glittery for a fun night out!

Bedazzled Eyes

Gems and jewelry aren’t just for necklaces and earrings. Face gems are now a great addition to eye makeup! These little rhinestones are applied with adhesives that are safe for the skin. However, it is best to test out the adhesive on your inner wrist just to make sure it does not irritate your skin. These gems can be applied just above your upper lash line along with eyeliner or in the corners of your eyes. They can also be applied to your lids, drawing attention to your beautiful eyeshadow.

Rhinestone Makeup Tips:

Keep your eyes open

When finding the place to apply the rhinestones make sure to prep before sticking them on. Once you find the ideal spot, keep your eyes wide open as if you are applying mascara when placing them. Look straight into the mirror when applying and try not to blink too much.

Applying Glue

Applying glue to the gem is one of the tricky parts. It is best to drop a bit of lash glue onto a piece of tin foil, then dip the backside of the gem into it using tweezers. After a few seconds, pick up the gem and carefully place it on the designated spot.

Colorful Glitter

Remember those fun, colorful bottles of glitter we used to play with during the art class? There are the same types of glitter that are formulated just for makeup! Shimmering, glitter eye makeup is becoming a part of any look, adding a pop of vibrancy to any outfit. This extravagant look has become increasingly popular since Zendaya was seen with glitter tears on HBO’s Euphoria. While this look is not easy to apply, there are many ways to add this look to your collection of makeup looks.

Glitter Makeup Tips:

Use a cotton swab

Dip the cotton swab in a mixing medium or setting spray. Then, cover the wet end of the cotton in the loose glitter by rolling it.

Tap the glitter

Lightly tap the glitter onto the desired area of your eyes. Make sure to tap the glitter in an upward motion. If the glitter is closer to your lid, apply it in a rolling motion to keep loose glitter from falling into your eyes.

Tape the excess glitter

You can clean up excess glitter by using the unused end of the cotton swab to sweep it off. Using the sticky end of the tape is also recommended to pick up the glitter from your face simply.

Ready to dive into the beauty of glitter and rhinestones? Add some glamour and fun to your eye makeup with these great tips to help you out!

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