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Rate Beauty for Real Beauty!

Reauty is a beauty rating app promoting 100% authentic users’ reviews to rate beauty products by brands, ingredients, skin types, and concerns.


Our mission is to empower beauty seekers with easy access to information needed to make the best-personalized choices for their well-being. We foster an authentic community, unveiling unknown product information, speaking out against the lack of transparency, and reinforcing healthy relationships between all individuals to break through the conventional rule of the beauty industry.


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Unique Featues

AI-Skin Analysis
Product Rating System

AI-Skin Analysis

Your Pocket Beauty Consultant

Reauty’s advanced AI engine, trained on millions of face and skin images, accurately evaluates users’ facial skin with over 10 beauty indicators, providing customized skin concern remedies, beauty tips, and product recommendations.

Product Rating System

Popular Product Analysis
with Real Reviews

Scientifically-based product analysis and easy-to-navigate ingredients safety scores along with 100% user-generated reviews to empower users to make the best purchasing decisions.

Smart Search Engine

Returns Intelligent Solutions

Serves as an information aggregator that gives personalized, effective solutions to users’ skin concerns with deep machine learning algorithms and the support of its robust database.

Beauty Product Rating
Real Rating,Real Users
Smart Search Engine


The Story Begins…

"We are a beauty app.
But, more importantly, we are consumers, just like you."

Reauty was born out of the need to speak out against the status quo of the industry and address the beauty stakeholders’ pain points, including the beauty seekers, micro-influencers, and beauty brands.


We are more…


Listen to his/her stories below, which inspired us to create Reauty.


Beauty Seekers

I am a beauty lover who is a little bit too lazy for beauty “trial and error”. I am always looking for productive beauty tips or product recommendations, but I need to surf the internet    (Goovgle, Youtube, beauty blogs, influencers, etc.). This”Beauty Due Diligence” consumes a lot of my time and energy. I hope one day I can use a “Beauty App” to solve my “Beauty Troubles’!

A platform with AI-powered data analytics and accurate algorithms can help me find the most trustworthy beauty solutions in seconds, Boom!

That’s not it! I also want this platform to provide effective beauty tips, and lead me directly to a brand’s E-commerce website to finalize my shopping. Voila!

I also want to share my product reviews and useful beauty tips on this platform, and maybe one day I can become a key opinion customer (KOC)... Exquisite!

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