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Web3 Innovation Happens Here

Blingy Lab exists to change the virtual world with our authentic creativity and innovative Web3 technology. We aim to become the most trustworthy community, breaking through barriers of entry to bring talented individuals into the world of web3.

About Blingy Lab

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Blingy Lab is a Web3 technology incubator supporting Blingy with decentralized applications and engaged virtual communities.

Built and run by aspiring entrepreneurs, Blingy Lab will transform the complexities of blockchain technology, NFT infrastructure, and DAO tooling to scale the ecosystem.



Creating an innovative environment is the key to creating a successful startup.

We are a global technology company that thrives in creating innovative digital solutions to solve issues affecting tech users.

Blingy Lab amplifies Blingy’s core value - Innovation, building an efficient and positive virtual environment to facilitate the transformation from Web2 to Web3 networks.


Creation is the life-blood of our business.

We are poised to provide cutting-edge digital solutions to empower the decentralized community, fostering open and easily accessible connections to dApps, NFT, and DeFi.


Take this opportunity, build your entrepreneurial dream with us!

We incubate the web3 ecosystem in-house and support global individuals who are passionate about creating their own business endeavors.

Blingy Lab provides vibrant vibes for aspiring entrepreneurs and new idea incubation with our time, lower cost, and error-reducing DAO tooling.

Ideas in Incubation

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Reauty App

Rate Beauty for Real Beauty! Reauty is a beauty ...

R3 App

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Blingy Gallery

Blingy Gallery comprises a team of talented individuals with ...

Blingy Gallery

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Blingy is stepping into Web3 with C.X., a smart digital currency...


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App Store

App Store


Is this You?

We are looking for talented individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs who are eager to bring their innovative ideas to the Web3 world. Blingy Lab is building a supportive ecosystem for all talented individuals to showcase their passion by facilitating technological transformation and digital advancements. Built and run by entrepreneurs themselves, Blingy Lab invites all aspiring individuals to join us in revolutionizing the tech industry.

Take this golden opportunity to create stunning technical impacts on our society and the world, while also achieving financial freedom.

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