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Blingy is stepping into Web3 with C.X., a smart digital currency application that provides on-chain and off-chain automated trading services, escrow transactions, and token exchange, making cryptocurrency trading easy, fun, and accessible to traders of all experience levels.


Through trading strategies and influencers’ trading cases, remove the barriers for normal investors to enter into the web3 industry (cryptocurrency, NFT, etc.).
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C.X. Aim to become the largest SocialFi Platform for Web 3 traders
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Product & Services

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C.X. Off-chain App & C.X. On-chain App

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Automated Trading

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Tips Function

Provide users with trading tips and strategy recommendations

C.X. Social-fi DAPP

Token Governance

Reward active users who provide valuable information to the community.

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Crypto influencers on different social platforms can invite their followers to join the C.X. platform. General investors can follow the trading strategies of professional investors. 

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Escrow Transaction: A platform that can transfer the trading authority of general investors to professional investors for investment execution.

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Trade Strategies Copying

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Paid Trading Strategies

Grid Transactions: Automatically controls the amount of open positions, and can maintain high positions low weight and low positions heavy weight to a certain extent.

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Data Scraping Transactions: Scraping specific information of well-known websites such as twitter, and making automatic transactions.

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On-chain Address Tracking: Automatic transactions based on on-chain data.

C.X. Token

  • Users can acquire C.X. token by performing both centralized and decentralized exchange transactions, publishing useful information or articles on Social-fi DAPP, or participating in C.X. activities. 

  • C.X. Token can be used for off-chain and on-chain App trading strategy payment, crypto-influencers strategy copying payment, social-fi DAPP subscription fee, and centralized and decentralized exchange transactions. 

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