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Asian American Cosmetics Brands

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

As you know, Blingy is a technology startup founded by an Asian woman and is working on launching our first beauty rating application. As we are developing our beauty app and given the social issues going around the world right now, we wanted to take some time to acknowledge some successful beauty brands with Asian American founders and hopefully raise some more awareness on their achievements. Here are 3 Asian American beauty brands we want to introduce to you!

Em Cosmetics was founded in 2015 by Michelle Phan, a beauty influencer who started by sharing her makeup tips and favorite products on blogs and YouTube. With both her parents being Vietnamese, Michelle grew up in an immigrant family where her Vietnamese heritage and life experience in Florida have shaped her beauty career. Growing up, her mom only allowed her to wear eyeliner and lip products to school, which has inspired her to create two Em Cosmetics best sellers: Illustrative Eyeliner and Infinite Lip Clouds.

Founded in 2018 by Deepica Mutyala, Live Tinted is a multicultural community that focused on inclusive, diverse beauty for “every shade in-between”. Living in a South Asian household with immigrant parents, Deepica Mutyala grew up being told to speak up about her beliefs in order to be seen in America. Through this digital platform, she hopes to amplify the voice of underrepresented people in the beauty and create a #TintFam for them to share their culture and identity. The best seller of Live Tinted is the Hue Stick, an eye, lip, and cheek multi-stick used to balance out dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

Alicia Yoon launched Peach & Lily in 2012 that provides Korean beauty products and complimentary skin consultations to help customers achieve healthy skin. Alicia was born in South Korea, moved to the US at the age of one, and finished her high school there, then she moved back to the US for college. Her Korean heritage and bicultural experiences have inspired her to bring Korean beauty to the US market. Their popular Glass Skin Refining Serum is one example of the typical Korean skincare trend that aims to transform the skin into a poreless, luminous look.

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