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Celebrity Skin Care Videos: A View on How to Achieve Hollywood Skin

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We either love them or hate them. We often see the faces of actors and actresses with glowing skin and flawless makeup. It’s easy to wonder just what is their daily skincare routine and how do they apply their makeup? While it is fairly obvious that celebrities have makeup artists and professionals at their side to keep them looking flawless, some have decided to reveal their personal skincare routines. Through Vogue’s Beauty Secrets videos, celebrities discuss the products they use and how they apply them.


In order to make the viewer feel comfortable, the celebrity records the video in a private bathroom. This allows for the video to feel more personal and intimate for the viewer and the celebrity as they go through their skincare or makeup routine step-by-step. The users also feel at home as many of the videos are filmed in the celebrity’s personal bathroom. The bathroom is always well lit with very few distractions in the background allowing for the viewer to completely focus on the celebrity’s instructions.

From A-list Celebrities to Pop Culture Influencers

So who can help Vogue make these videos? Some of the biggest stars have been featured on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets channel. These stars include Kylie Jenner, Squid Game’s Hoyeon Jung, Troye Sivan, and Rihanna. The videos show the celebrities applying the products to themselves as they casually describe the products and their typical daily routines. In addition to many well-known stars, these beauty secret videos are great exposure for up-and-coming celebrities that have a distinct aesthetic. Check out Vogue’s official YouTube channel to see if your favorite celebrity has revealed any of their beauty secrets!

Product Endorsements

We are always curious as to what products celebrities use. With Vogue’s Beauty Secrets videos, now they tell us just exactly what they use! This not only benefits the viewers but the products receive an endorsement as well. As the star looks up from the camera to apply mascara, they will describe the product they use and why it is ideal for them. Rihanna was able to advertise her makeup and skincare line, Fenty, by showing herself using the products in her makeup routine.

Beauty Secrets

So what beauty secrets are the celebrities sharing? These stars share a wide range of beauty routines from skincare to glamour makeup. The videos are usually around ten minutes long with the celebrity starting with a bare face. This makes the videos feel more personal as the stars are fresh-faced and all-natural.


Here are a few of the most-watched Vogue’s Beauty Secrets Videos!

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