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Dandruff – Causes and Treatment Options

Dandruff is a common skin condition that affects many people. It can be highly uncomfortable and embarrassing—fortunately, plenty of ways to get rid of dandruff that don’t involve expensive creams or lotions. Read on to learn more about the causes of dandruff, and the best treatment options available.

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff may have several causes, including:

  1. Dry skin:If this is the root of your dandruff, you might see it worsen in winter since, during cold months, skin becomes drier – which is why people tend to notice it more.

  2. Not shampooing enough:It could be that you don’t use enough shampoo or that the shampoo you use isn’t strong enough to break down the oil barrier that is contributing to your dandruff.

  3. Allergy: Could an allergy to your hair care products be to blame for your flakes? The Answer is YES. Notice scalp irritation such as itchiness or soreness after using a particular product. It could be because of your sensitivity.

  4. A medical condition: Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic medical condition that affects the scalp and other areas of the body where oil glands are present. This condition is characterized by dandruff as well as redness of the scalp.

  5. A yeast overgrowth: Malassezia is a fungus that lives on the scalp and skin of all people. For some, a sensitivity develops, which can result in dandruff. Like seborrheic dermatitis, other skin conditions aggravated by Malassezia include psoriasis and different types of dermatitis.

Treatment of dandruff

The most effective way to treat and control dandruff is to use dandruff shampoo and scalp treatments. Look for shampoo containing one of these ingredients:

  • zinc pyrithione

  • salicylic acid

  • selenium sulphide (or selenium sulfide)

  • ketoconazole

  • coal tar

Reauty Recommended:

Vanicream Free & Clear Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Neutrogena T/Gel Extra Strength Therapeutic Shampoo