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Meet Louis: The Game- Louis Vuitton celebrates 200th birthday with a mobile game

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Louis Vuitton, the world's most valuable luxury brand, announced that it is releasing Louis: The Game, a mobile application starring its mascot Vivenne. The game was created in celebration of the 200th birthday of the founder of Louis Vuitton. Luxury fashion brands such as Gucci and Vogue have tried entering the virtual world before, either using Roblox or virtual spreads to create an in-depth look at their products. However, this will be the first for a fashion brand to develop a full-fledged game with characters and a story.

The game is a 3rd person platformer (i.e Mario) in which Vivenne (the player) is tasked with exploring a stylish world collecting various objects such as birthday candles and postcards. Postcards will even provide unique trivia about the Louis Vuitton brand. Players will jump, climb, and explore a variety of levels, from dense forests to dimly lit towns inspired by Paris and Kyoto, the game has beautifully designed areas to traverse. Using LV’s unique style, players are given something that is not only fun but stunning to look at.

After playing, the game is less focused on selling products and more centered around showcasing LV’s brand identity of modernity and “the art of living”. The art direction of the game is the star of the show. Building brands through gaming is a powerful tool we’ve seen becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the last few years. With games like Fortnite and Roblox leading the charge in showcasing tons of different brands ranging from musical artists to clothing brands. While those games have been used in gaming events and items to advertise, “Louis” is instead building its own, allowing more creative freedom to present its vision of what the “Louis Vuitton” brand is. This allows the luxuriously expensive brand to appeal more to a younger audience, and an audience that can’t afford their products but one day might. Reaching Generation Z will now pay off in the future when they grow to afford the premium brand.

“Louis: The Game” Released on August 4th for Android and IOS. As of this writing, it is #42 in adventure games on the IOS app store. Time will tell if it will go on to become a hit or simply be forgotten. If it is successful, we might see other clothing and beauty brands try their hand at gaming apps.

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