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The Post-Pandemic Beauty Era

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

COVID-19 caused a significant stir in the global beauty industry. Sales reduced, and many stores were closed. However, the industry adapted considerable to the challenge, with companies flexible enough to quickly change from the manufacture of beauty products to hand sanitizers, cleaning products, and providing free beauty services or discounts to frontline workers. Meanwhile, industry executives may need to be creative to sustain their businesses post-pandemic.

Pre-COVID-19, in-store sales contributed to 85% of beauty product purchases in significant beauty marketplaces; Millennials and Generation Z shopped 60% of their beauty products in stores. Some of these stores may never reopen, and new ones will take a year to commence operations.

Here are some changes that occurred during the pandemic:

- Increased internet sales are not making up for the drop in in-store purchases.

- Retailers are using promotions to attract customers and clear inventory.

- 30% of the beauty industry market shut down due to the closure of beauty product stores.

- Due to the reality of working from home, social distancing, and mask-wearing, applying makeup and, fragrance has become much less significant.

However, some beauty trends that emerged during the pandemic have come to stay and may be considered the beauty industry's future. Here are three beauty trends that we believe will continue even in the post-pandemic world.



The COVID restrictions gave rise to many DIY home managements, particularly regarding self-beauty treatments. There was an evident increase in the purchase of body massage products, skin products, and shower condiments. Beauty seekers experimented and updated themselves on "How-Tos" and DIY methods of handling activities that they would have ordinarily sort professional skills. With the world opening post-pandemic and business activities commencing, people will have the opportunity to visit Salons and Spas for their beauty treatments again. However, beauty seekers are now better equipped with knowledge that will be useful; hence beauty home treatments are here to stay.


Mandatory mask-wearing gave way to natural looks as many beauty seekers did not find a need to wear makeup, particularly lipsticks. Post pandemic era will foster a return to the use of cosmetics, and more colorful ones will become a trend, as beauty lovers seek to make up for lost time due to the pandemic. Also, Luxury manufacturers compete with departmental stores by giving alluring promotions and online discounts to make up for lost online sales.


New trends in the beauty industry are emerging even in the wake of the pandemic. Some brands have re-invented the beauty shopping wheel where consumers can try on beauty products digitally/virtually without leaving the comfort of their rooms. Augmented Reality technology (AR) has become a trend that supports a virtual try-on for lipstick shades, foundation, hair color.

L'Oréal Paris and Garnier are amongst the big names in the beauty industry that have embraced this trend. According to, there was an increase in the online traffic to virtual try-on websites during the pandemic/lockdown period. One example is the L'Oréal Virtual Makeup Try-On; the products that make up your new look will re-direct you to a link where you can easily purchase products after the virtual testing.

Despite the challenges faced with the pandemic, beauty brands are evolving and will remain attractive in the future. Health consideration is a reasonable motivation for contactless makeovers and beauty brands should take advantage of emerging trends that can give them an edge over competition.

Beauty Seekers will need a fresh start and self-expression after what seemed like a decade of disconnection. Re-entry into the social circles will require the adoption of new beauty trends and creativity with old ones. A new season for the beauty industry is here!

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