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Top 5 Beauty Hits Thanks to TikTok

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

TikTok, the platform that brings together many generations, is a miracle. Whether you’re into sports, manifestation, or keeping up with the news, there’s a niche for everyone to enjoy on the platform. It’s also been a great source of organic advertisements thanks to users who promote specific products, especially within the beauty world. These products not only have changed the game for skincare and makeup gurus around the world but are creating a buzz around beauty trends like never before. These are the top 5 trends that have become hits due to TikTok.

Need I say more? Now you can add a little shine to moisturize your lips during the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion. Full of color and luster, Dior offers a variety of shades to complement each customer and add a twist to the lip care norm.

During any time of the year, redness from acne and dry skin can be an issue. If you want to erase the imperfections temporarily without compromising your skin health, there’s a way, thanks to Dr. Jart. Their SPF 30 and green canceling balm offer you the opportunity to calm the redness and step up your skincare game.

A rare blush that is more subtle is not as occasional as it seems, pun intended. For example, the Rare Beauty collection curated by Selena Gomez lives up to the hype, especially with the liquid blush. The effortless glow cheek tint look can now be achieved with an application as easy as 1 2 3! There is no stress and no mess for beauty enthusiasts to worry about. According to Ashley Murphy, the director of integrated digital marketing at Rare Beauty, the brand saw sales of the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush increase 100 percent from April to May.

The serum-based mask covers all your skincare necessities, correcting your skin tone and keeping your pores invisible. The affordable and effective product has users raving about how effective the results are with the extra boost of hydration. A tip from users is “don't just do it for TikTok and read how to use it accordingly.” Exfoliating is great but in moderation. And an important note: because of its AHA 30% + BHA 2% composition, after using this, your skin will be sensitive, so make sure you follow up with SPF!

An at-home spa day can give your skin the pampering it deserves. The Glow Recipe is making a name for itself with significant sales, becoming a must-buy for skincare enthusiasts. TikTok beauty gurus like @mikaylanogueira and @glamzillaxo gave them their seal of approval with positive reviews on the products and recommended everyone get their hands on them before they sell out.

The skincare and beauty niche is always a growing spectrum, especially within the digital realm. 2022 is about prioritization, including taking care and treating yourself, because it’s the little things that matter. There is always room for creation and innovation making products and trends more accessible worldwide. Comment below what your go-to TikTok beauty purchase is!

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