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Don’t Miss Out on NYFW 2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

For anyone who is a fashion fanatic, New York Fashion Week is a must-see experience. Not only is it THE event of the fashion community, but it sets the tone for fashion trends worldwide. Before the rise of modern-day technology, the attendees included: designers, buyers, the press, A-List public figures, and lucky members of the general public. However, the process for getting into these elite shows has gotten more attainable.

Living out the Gossip Girl fantasy is actually easier than ever, thanks to how the social media game has evolved. With the uproar of influencers from all niches, especially fashion, social media influencers are encouraged to attend NYFW now more than ever. While the guest list has been extended, there’s still quite a bit of work that goes into snagging an NYFW spot.

Having a game plan is crucial, especially if you want NYFW to be in your 2022 future. Let’s learn from the successes of past influencer attendees, using professional viewpoints to your advantage helps considerably, but you’ll need a little more to get your seat. Here are the main top five tips that have gotten micro-influencers into NYFW in the past:

  1. Early bird gets the early worm, by doing their research

    1. Make a list of the shows you are able to attend (I recommend starting a spreadsheet, it will come in handy later!) and jot down what time each show is and location if that’s available.

  2. Request the invite because persuasion and a killer portfolio of previous projects are the way to go. Let the designers know:

    1. Who you are and what your blog or platform is, possibly add your media kit

    2. That you are interested in attending the show or presentation

    3. A quick note for your love of the designer

    4. What you can offer them in return for an invite, like promotion on your platform; If you have worn their brand before you can share certain posts featuring them to share your true interest.

  3. Confirm and follow-up with an RSVP a couple of weeks prior

    1. Be persistent and courteous. Every single ticket request you sent (even if they didn’t respond) should get a follow-up email. Nothing long, just simply saying you’re following up on your request. Send this to both designers and PR agencies. A lot of shows will not be full or will have last-minute cancellations, so you will be surprised, a lot of brands will give you a YES last minute!

  4. Plan, Plan, PLAN

    1. Be very diligent about writing in and attending every single show and party you’ve RSVPed “yes” to. The last thing you want to do is RSVP to something and then not show up. Obviously, that’s rude, but it can affect your reputation and chances of getting invited back to the same designer’s show for next season. The PR teams who check people in at shows have the list of everyone who RSVPed “yes” and they do know when you’re not there.

  5. Look into NYFW events

    1. Since it’s fashion week, there are going to be plenty of other things to do besides going to the big designer shows. Online event resources, like Eventbrite, are great for finding fun NYFW events around the city during the day and night. NYFW is an amazing opportunity to network and establish yourself and your brand in the minds of industry leaders from around the world. Make the most of your time in the Big Apple and have fun while furthering your brand!

NYFW is one of the events of the season and if you follow these tips for conquering the backend process, you’re sure to find yourself there in no time! Aside from the professional aspects, don’t forget to have fun, take pictures, and create new memories, because that's what it’s all about! Comment below what you’re looking forward to seeing in this year’s NYFW.

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