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Gen Z vs. Millennials e-Commerce Behaviors

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

It is our #userwednesday column! We will discuss everything about mobile app users on Wednesday. And today, let's start with comparing Generation Y and Generation Z e-Commerce users.

Studies have shown that both generations share a preference for shopping online over physical stores, with 28% of Gen Z and 24% of Millennials noting they will likely shop online more than before. Thus, to target these two groups of audience, many brands are starting to put more emphasis on their online store and invest more on building a well-developed eCommerce model. What are some of their key characteristics? Generally speaking, unlike Gen Z users who like being entertained on the social media, Millennials like to share on social media more. They have a greater response rate to ads at 79% and a longer attention span at 12 seconds. In addition, Millennials tend to research before buying, be more price conscious, more loyal to brands, and prefer a safer route for purchasing experience. On the other hand, Gen Z have lower response rate to ads at 59% and a shorter attention span at 8 seconds. They prefer immediate purchases and tend to be less price conscious, less attached to brands, and more open to experimentation. Having these characteristics in mind, now let’s look at their preference of marketing tactics. Millennial users prefer longer marketing contents that provide lots of information about the product and brand. They like to use the platform that explains how buying this product can quickly resolver their problem and improve their lives. On the other hand, Gen Z users like shorter and more effective marketing content that has eye catching visuals. They like reading about the products through influencer reviews, thus are more attracted to eCommerce platforms that utilize influencer marketing. #tech #business #startups #technology #techindustry #startupstory #techinnovation #digitalsolutions #digital #startupcommunity #mobileapps #mobileappdesign #mobileappdevelopment #creative #experience #entrepreneur #genzmarketing #millennials

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