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Gen Z: Thrifting Couture

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Who says sustainability has to be unfashionable. The Gen Z’ers have managed to turn thrifting into a more significant trend. Whether it’s turning an item into something new, repurposing outdated items, or finding a buried treasure in a sea of clothes, thrifting is now more common.

With the Gen Z population turning around their spending habits, some benefits can help shape the planet's health economically and physically in the long run. For example, Emily Farra reported in November 2020 for Vogue that secondhand, vintage, and upcycling caught steam in 2020. She cited Lyst's annual Year in Fashion report, revealing a 35,000 increase in searches for "vintage fashion" and a 104% increase in secondhand-related keywords in September. Due to the popularity of the thrifting community, by 2024 the secondhand market is suspected of growing by a whopping 18%, fueling more opportunities for local businesses and online markets in that realm to thrive.

Thrifting isn’t only a trend, it’s a vehicle to upscale your regular style and save money in the process. But the main question is: how does one have a successful thrift trip? We’re here to tell you that behind the biggest influencers in the thrifting world, there is a science to finding the best items for you.

Here are some tips for your next thrift adventure:

  1. Have a set game plan - This puts aside the need for impulse buying and provides insight into your thrift day's main objectives.

  2. Set aside items you want to sell first - Not only is this an excellent way to make cash, but it also gives other people a chance to purchase items that you want to trade in.

  3. Scan the aisles carefully (you never know what you could find!) - Find pieces you like and ones that stand out to you. It’s also a time to look at the garment quality, sizing, and fabric detail.

  4. Do your research - Look into the most popular thrift stores in your area and their specialty. Depending on what you’re on the hunt for, it's always best to come prepared.

  5. Make friends with the staff - Having top-secret intel is always a plus, especially in the thrifting world. If anyone knows the best tips and tricks, it’s them. It’s also a great way to have fun with them on their workday.

It’s essential to find the best items for you, but have fun in the process. Grab your friends and make a day out of it! Thrifting is meant to be a time to unwind and rewind as you level up your closet with rare finds, so do what feels best for you! Comment below favorite memories, tips, and tricks for anyone wanting to start their thrifting journey.

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