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The Rise of Linkedin in Today’s Employment Industry

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This May, we approach the 19th anniversary of the world’s largest professional site: LinkedIn. With over 756 million users across nations and 74% of them being from outside the United States, LinkedIn is a global platform that has only been growing larger and larger since its launch in 2003.

Linkedin has been evolving since then to match pace with its social media peers. While the platform began humbly as a simple digital space for housing your resume, it now hosts live streams, blog posts, social updates, and applications. Branding this experience as a professional social media app was a key to Linkedin’s success. Linkedin’s interface took inspiration from many other social media sites— such as Facebook with its scrolling feed and social notifications— and thus allowed them to ride the wave of success the platforms have been seeing.

According to Omnicore, millennials are the largest generational group on the platform, composing over 60% of its user base. This is unsurprising as they account for a third of the current workforce, with many more of them looking for jobs. Millennials’ interest in LinkedIn is due to the platform’s utility. Every minute, three people are hired through LinkedIn, with over 40 million people using it to search for jobs each week. This is especially appealing to the up-and-coming workers, who are estimated to make up around 75% of the workforce in 2025.

Another reason LinkedIn is popular is due to its user experience. While it has an interface similar to other popular social networks, LinkedIn ensures its security rises above the rest. Part of the users’ experience is how secure one feels while using the site. This is something Linkedin prioritizes and their customers know, 73% of its users agree that Linkedin protects their privacy and data. This is a statistic that earns its title as the most trusted social media network, surpassing its competitors. When it comes to private information pertaining to your identity and the living you make, no other priority comes close.

Similar to other social media sites, LinkedIn has marketed itself as a platform for connecting to others in the most recent years. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, joining Linkedin connects users with over 400 new people, 500 new jobs, and gives access to 100+ new companies looking for one’s specific skills. With this focus on connecting to others, LinkedIn is no longer just a recruitment platform but a place where people can educate themselves and learn more about companies in their industry. In 2020, LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversations among connections, people messaging others more than ever on the business social site.

Linkedin’s success can be attributed to how well they respond to the consumers’ needs in order to adapt and overcome obstacles. This is a social media platform that strives for greatness and will continue doing so beyond its 19th year anniversary.

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